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Digital marketing is your online presence. To have digital presence you require to have five basic things in place.

1. You require a payment method, UPI, credit card, debit card or net banking. Keep it accessible and secure.

2. You require a Domain - Hosting - Email with; to build your online presence.

3. Website - a professional, optimized and ready for digital marketing website - informative with call to action or e-commerce portal.

4. PopUp to provide deals or important information and form to collect information from your website visitors.

5. Payment gateway: make it easy for the website visitors to purchase your products or services on your website. You can choose from different options. Razorpay and InstaMojo are the most trusted for financial transactions. Simple to use and easy to setup.

Digital marketing is an essential element of business excellence. Thousands of companies provide digital marketing, a few with guaranteed Google rank based digital marketing, a few leads based digital marketing and a few have achieved a mark by integrating digital marketing with e-commerce and achieve sales target via digital marketing. Might be you are just following companies using or doing digital marketing. Whichever audience of digital marketing you are, you are simply part of the digital marketing race. Digital marketing requires you to invest a lot of time, effort and money. Also you need to be updated with all ever-changing algorithms of digital marketing.

If you are wise to have a digital marketing strategy and execute in efficient and effective manner, you will utilise resources to only cash cows of business while implementing digital marketing. Also, you will know that physical presence or physical marketing is as important as digital marketing. You require a right marketing mix of digital marketing and physical marketing.

Here comes the role of GICF! Why should you hire GICF for marketing of your business? GICF is established in the industry, with a strong presence for two decade, with a reputation to develop, implement and execute successful marketing (digital, online, offline) plan and strategy. GICF designs digital marketing strategy that your money, time and efforts are directed towards BUSINESS CONVERSIONS.


GICF tells you what exactly you need to do in digital marketing. It creates a result oriented marketing strategy presented in sheets and charts those you can follow blindly in digital marketing and physical marketing and reach your business target or goals. 

Contact us to hire an effective and efficient digital marketeer.



Take your business a step further and start trading online!
E-commerce has changed the way business is done and the way customers buy goods and services today. As a result we have designed e-commerce solutions to help your business stay competitive with the large corporate businesses. We offer your business a superior e-commerce capability. With our e-commerce website design solution your business has the opportunity to take advantage of the Internet and open its doors for business 24 hours a day all year round.


Customers who want to buy now!  Can your business meet this demand?


Today's customers take shopping convenience seriously and are more likely to do business with you if you give them the choice of buying from you online. Our e-commerce website design solution can help you achieve this. Start taking advantage of the Internet and maximise your revenue streams with our affordable e-commerce solutions.

Essential elements of Digital Marketing:


Website Design


Your website should speak all about your business. And images are an effective way to convey your message to multi-lingual people across the globe. If you have interactive business, you need a dynamic website with payment gateway. Your website need to do talking and create first impression for you. We aim to provide you with website utilising latest high-end technologies that is fast loading, effective and guaranteed to work hard for your business.  Take your business one step closer to success. Your website requirements will be fully met with our web design service as we tailor our solutions to suit your exact needs at very affordable prices. Our websites are unique in design and validated. In this way, its success is ensured. Make that first step and get in touch with us. Wherever you are based let us help your business benefit from effective website design.


Keyword Analysis


Do you know what keywords or phrases your prospective customers are using to look for your services on the Internet search engines and directories? Whether you already have a website or thinking of investing in one, we can provide you with keyword analysis for your website to promote your product or services. This will investigate which keywords and phrases will be best suited to your business in order to create good content. It's a combination of good content and keywords that will ensure that prospective customers can find you on the Internet. Do not get lost in cyberspace; get in front of your customers today. Remember, a website that is not based on effective keyword analysis is not an effective one and therefore a financial black hole.

Provide your business with adequate and effective online visibility at very affordable prices with our keyword analysis service.


Content Creation


We are an effective and professional web content provider. 'Content is the key' this is certainly the case when it comes to unlock the door for your prospective customers. Your website serves as your place of business online and the content represents your sales force. We all know that your sales process is only successful depending on the quality of your sales team; so why not take your website content design more seriously? Our content creation solution will help you repair dysfunctional content on your site and increase its effectiveness. As a web content provider our website content design builds on our keyword analysis service to provide your business with very precise and targeted content that will arouse curiosity in your customers and attract them to your business. Convince your customers to do business with you through effective content on your website and be sure to see your sales increase.


Search Engine Optimisation


Search engine optimisation, what has it got to do with you? You have a website, but can your prospective customers find you?  FACT:  85% of website visitors find the site initially through search engines or directories.


Can potential customers find you on the Internet?
We offer you a search engine optimisation service that is perfect for you and will take your business where you want it to be. It gives your business a level playing field with big businesses on the Internet. Our solutions go further to submit your website to major search engines and directories to make sure potential customers can see you online. We will also advise you on submission of your site details to specific portals related to your industry. Adoption of this advice would further increase the probability of your prospective customers finding you. Take advantage of our website optimisation service to maximise the effectiveness of your website. This will ensure that your website is not lost in cyberspace and therefore will serve its purpose of attracting your target customers. Get your fully optimised website in front of your potential customers and be sure to see your sales increase.


eMail & SMS Marketing


Does slashing your marketing costs appeal to you?
We will offer you an Email marketing solution that is second to none and help you become more efficient in the way you communicate with your customers. We understand that as a medium sized or small business, your cash flow is extremely important. We also know that communicating with your customers and potential customers is a must; otherwise your business will starve. As a result, our Email marketing solution is purposely designed to deliver all the benefits of Email and SMS marketing for small businesses at very affordable prices.


What does it mean for your business?
A few benefits of using our Email marketing and SMS solution within your business are

  • A very cost effective alternative to traditional direct mailing systems

  • Communicate quickly and effectively with your customers

  • Target specific audiences cost effectively

  • Raise awareness of your business brand online


Wherever you are based let us help you start communicating with your customers effectively and in a more economic way.


Content Management System (CMS)


The cost of ownership of your website should not be a liability on your business. To ensure it, our CMS tool puts you in control of managing the content of your website. With website content management system you will be able to update your website very quickly and easily following changes within your business. As a result, your customers will be constantly updated with your products and services. This will reduce your website maintenance costs allowing you to realise the full value of your website.

Wherever you are based, let us help you take control of your website updates with our very affordable CMS tool.

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