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What does a life coach, mindset coach, mentor do?

A life coach, mindset coach, mentor works on your appearance, behaviour and communication skills to establish your professional image, social image, public image and political image. Because your image reaches the world before you!


Do you feel the need to prepare yourself for that next level, say, how to be a billionaire? How to inspire people? How to look a successful leader? How to have confidence in you? How to resolve that long pending issue? How to have that person in your life?


Do you know the success depends on your IMAGE/THOUGHTS?


GICF is a personal life coach, mindset coach, mentor, image consultant that helps you to transform from outside and inside. We are professional image consultant that coaches you to think, to style and to communicate in an efficient manner that reflects in your radiant personality.


We are political image consultant that train you for public appearance, public speaking and create the political image that people seek in their political leaders.


The first impression is a lasting impression. The language of appearance i.e. dress, grooming, body language and communication skills, is more powerful than spoken words. How you say the words make all the difference! Whether you need personal image and style enhancement or power corporate dressing and communication skills programs for your executives or presentation skills for your sales teams, GICF as a business image consultant and personal image consultant help you to achieve your image goals.


We at GICF provide business image consulting that helps successful men and women dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable, attractive and confident. We also provide you tools and techniques those prepare you to face any situation in life, personal, professional or social.


We are virtual image consultant. We mentor you to create an effective image on social media and for digital marketing as a whole. We train you to create profiles and choose photographs on facebook, pintrest, twitter, linkedin, google plus and so on.


As online image consultant, GICF provides online image consulting program via Skype and emails. After completing your sessions, you remain in touch with your consultant via online media.


Contact us for assessment and customised sessions. These sessions includes counselling, consulting and activities for a total image makeover. It is image consultants job to clear mental blocks and renew you with appropriate appearance and inner calm and maturity to manage the environment and be what you want to be!


The expert and professional image consultants at GICF cater to your desire of self-renewal and transformation. Hire a professional international image consultant for your global brand image.


The program covers the following areas:

#How to think like an entrepreneur?

#Essentials of a business

#What is a winning concept and business model?

#How to prepare for a successful business

#Mindset of a business tycoon

#Lifestyle of a successful business person

#How to start a business?

#How to grow and expand an existing business?

#How to increase business income 10x?

#Importance of passive income and how to achieve it?

#How to survive in unfavorable economic situation?

#How to find opportunities when others are struggling with challenges?

#Concepts of Merger & Acquisition in real life

#How to execute and implement M&A to your favor?

#And much more ...

Student to entrepreneur coaching is helpful to understand the overall environment (external, internal, controllable, uncontrollable) of business. It helps you to learn the techniques to flourish in the know and unknown waters. These techniques and mindset makes you capable to plan an enterprise, start a business, to grow your existing business, to expand to the next level, to win awards and recognition, to network and social capital and to have a self revenue generation !00% successful business.